Motorcycle Ride to Virginia

My 2011 summer vacation is a 5-week motorcycle ride, May 10th – June 18th, to visit our daughter and son-in-law in Virginia Beach. This page lets you watch my plans and progress, see the route and read the trip diary.

Track my “flight” using this realtime APRS beacon.

The current date is 5/29 and I can’t believe that I rode 3,300 miles to get here. Now I can’t believe that I’ll ride an equal distance to get home again.

The main events are :

  • See the ARRL Hamvention in Dayton Ohio on May 20 – 22
  • Vacation with relatives in Virginia Beach May 25 – June 1

The strategy is:

  • Use GPS-enabled ham radio tracking (APRS) for family and friends
  • Travel the most scenic and spectacular drives in America
  • Visit with friends, previous neighbors and relatives across the country
  • Camping in tents and Kabins
  • Relaxing motorcycle ride with time to enjoy the trip
  • Take pictures and write up some stories along the way

Route from home to Virginia Beach, v2

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